Art as Resistance – How Extinction Rebellion use the Power of Art to fight their cause

On 24th Oct artrepublic gallery will host, ‘Art as Resistance!’, a talk by Katy Beinart, esteemed lecturer at the University of Brighton. Register today to attend the event.

Across the world, millions of people gathered for the biggest environmental protest in history as part of a global climate strike. Brighton alone drew over 7000 participants with Extinction Rebellion as a strong presence throughout the event. Impossible to ignore, Extinction Rebellion describe themselves as an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to halt mass extinction and the risk of social collapse.

Extinction Rebellion

Hailed as the most creative resistance movement in history, XR use design, typography, performance pieces and other art forms to promote their message. Their graphic design archive has recently been acquired by the V&A museum as part of their Rapid Response Collection of design objects that address questions of social, political, technological and economic change.

Extinction Rebellion plates

Senior Curator Corinna Gardner said: “Design has been key to Extinction Rebellion’s demands for urgent action on climate change. The strong graphic impact of the Extinction Symbol alongside a clear set of design principles have ensured that their acts of Rebellion are immediately recognisable. Punchy colours, woodblock prints, and carefully worded slogans available for download empower members of the public to produce their own creative responses that collectively amplify the XR’s call to action.”

Extension Rebellion flags

The bold, tongue-in-cheek approach to XR’s graphics are characterised by the memorable logo – an hourglass signifying the world running out of time with a bespoke type design and a colour-palette that plays on ‘danger’ colours such as yellow which denotes caution of physical hazards like tripping or falling and purple and magenta which are often used in combination with yellow to designate radiation hazards. Juxtaposing imagery of the natural world with more sinister images of skulls and bones outlining the grave consequences of not acting on climate change also feature heavily.

On the 24th of October from 6.30pm onwards, artrepublic gallery will be hosting, ‘Art as Resistance!’ – an exploration of the role of art within rebellious movements such Extinction Rebellion featuring a talk by esteemed lecturer at the School of Architecture & Design at the University of Brighton, Katy Beinart followed by a Q & A session.

After the talk we will be joined by XR Art Blockers who will be running a workshop where we can be a chance to get involved and create your own Extinction Rebellion logos with XR Art Blockers using lino-printing!

Extinction Rebellion pink plate

XR Art Blockers use printmaking, painting and sewing to hand-make rebellious objects for the promotion of Extinction Rebellion on a huge scale. Their aim is to support XR national actions by providing an endless flow of beautiful objects and encourage others to set up their own local groups to do the same.

Sign up at eventbrite to book your place – all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to XR

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