• Nadia Attura

    New Artist - Nadia Attura

    Nadia Attura mixes landscape photography with tactile collage, to create uncanny utopias of the imagination. Working with a complex process of layering, Attura constructs tableaux, incorporating unexpected imagery, to produce poetic portrayals of place and time. 

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  • Cassandra Yap

    New Cassandra Yap Prints

    A large pair of lustrous lips, painted in gothic black lipstick and provocatively parted to reveal just a glimmer of white teeth; a tiny human skull, floating in the corner, lost in a sea of white canvas. Available in a stunning glitter edition for extra sparkle! 

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  • Gift Voucher

    Give the Gift of Art!

    If you're stuck on what to buy for yourself or for someone else, a gift voucher may be the perfect solution! Our gift vouchers can be purchased for varying amounts and can be used for any purchase at (excludes gallery purchases). 

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  • Tony Terrell By Agent X

    New Agent X Pop Art Prints

    In homage to the work of Roy Lichtenstein, Agent X intercuts cartoon imagery with panels of poppy pattern, colour, and texture, to create visual harmony out of haphazard composition.

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  • Eat My Shorts By Whatshisname

    New Whatshisname Print

    True to his catchphrase, rebellious Bart has whisked down his shorts, pressing his butt against the ghostly barrier: humorous, while strangely haunting, for an unexpected and unsettling effect.

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  • Best Of The USA By Dirty Hans

    New 'Best of the USA' 

    Ascending an escalator on the New York Metro, Dirty Hans has assembled the ‘Best of the USA’: a fabulous montage of icons, figures, and familiar motifs from across American culture. 

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  • Joy Division By Tape Deck Art

    New Vintage Badge Collection!

    All Tape Deck Art's badge design’s are taken from actual pins from the 70’s - 80’s with a heavy influence on the punk scene, painting a number of badges from designs manufactured by Better Badges from the years 1976-84.

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  • Little Red Riding Hood By Lucy Bryant

    Lucy Bryant

    Responding to contemporary culture, Bryant’s art subverts the everyday and the banal, always striving to disrupt the ordinary and create something entirely new.

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  • Wild Papillon Rose By Belles Petite

    New Prints from Belles Petite

    Comprising of multiple layers, using several printing, painting and illustrated techniques, Belles Petite’s vision reflects elements of dreams, especially in her new work. 

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