• Dave White

    New Dave White!

    The Grizzly Bear, North America’s ferocious but beautiful beast, has been given the Dave White treatment: thick, dynamic brush strokes, flecks and paint splatters, and fluid drips of pigment, in earthy tones of black, brown and blue, converge in this portrait of the glorious Grizzly. 

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  • David Studwell

    Elton John - David Studwell 

    The result of a collaboration between Studwell, Elton John, and photographer Terry O’Neill, the print depicts the legend at his sold out stadium show. Studwell has colourised sections of O’Neill’s photograph in pink and blue, and encrusted the singer’s costume in dazzling diamond dust.

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  • Dave Towers

    Dave Towers

    Towers has captured the collective imagination of the contemporary art world with his captivating process-driven prints, These bold, typographical pieces are an exquisite harmony of form, colour and composition. They are entirely hand-crafted without a single digital element.

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  • T-Rex By Tom Lewis

    Tom Lewis

    British artist Tom Lewis, creates layered paintings and art prints, that are a colourful playful and whimsical mix of traditional and digital techniques.

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  • Whatever 2019 By Delphine Lebourgeois

    Delphine Lebourgeois

    Lebourgeois is known for her illustrative aesthetic, incorporating a wide range of media and material within her process including digital elements, collage, pencil, pen, watercolour, and screen print. 

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  • You're My Favourite Mistake (Error) By Rebecca Mason

    Rebecca Mason

    Rebecca Mason (Rococo Wonderland) is an artist who uses light to convey the darkness within human life, existence and emotion. 

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  • Mona Lisa Reflections Colour By Rich Simmons

    Rich Simmons

    Rich Simmons is a contemporary British artist, who's work is highly textured and intricately detailed, for an eye-catching and instantly distinctive aesthetic.

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  • You've Got The Love I Need To See Me Through XXL By Kid-B


    Mixing street-style with a pop-art aesthetic, Kid-B’s work is all about bold graphics, loud palettes, and no-fuss attitude: in other words, these are cult classics in the making.

  • In Bloom - Cherry By Static


    Often with a strong political element, Static's work is indicative of their comic assault on the daily hypocrisy we find ourselves surrounded by on a day to day basis. 

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