• Hell is Other People Comp.

    Competition Time! 

    'Hell is Other People' is a brilliantly humorous print worth £50 and it could be in your hands very soon.

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  • R-W Studio

    New Artist - R-W Studio

    Based in the UK creative director and image-maker, Richard Welland (aka R-W Studio) has worked and collaborated with a diverse range of clients and acts from Royal Blood and Bat For Lashes from Lily Allen to Biffy Clyro and most recently working alongside Liam Gallagher on both his albums. 

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  • Robert Owen Bloomfield

    New Robert Owen Bloomfield Collection

    Contemporary artist Robert Owen Bloomfield is known for his contemporary landscape paintings. Inspired by modern and contemporary artists Mark Rothko and Anthony Gormley, Bloomfield paints tiny figures, dwarfed by harsh and often stark landscapes.

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  • Ben Eine

    'Love' Lenticulars By Ben Eine

    This series of Lenticular works see’s Ben Eine’s work truly come to life by adding this advanced Lenticular technology to give further colour depth and movement and make this piece a truly show-stopping piece of art. 

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most wanted

  • To Mars And Back By Lauren Baker

    New Lauren Baker Collection

    Visually electrifying and profoundly expressive, Baker's newest collection is a luminous work of contemporary art that you can't miss out on.

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  • Barb #1 Nimbus Beyond The Barb - Magenta By Gary Mandfield

    New Artist - Gary Mansfield

    Fine artist and curator, Gary Mansfield has had a most unlikely induction into the world of art: serving a fourteen year prison sentence in his early twenties for drug importation...

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  • Flamingo By Tom Lewis

    Tom Lewis

    Sitting somewhere between Japanese manga and contemporary graffiti art, Lewis’s works are breathtakingly beautiful - oh, and did we mention that they tell a story?

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  • True Love Stories By Copyright

    New - True Love Stories by Copyright

    Copyright’s urban muse takes centre stage, her dress cascading in fragments of pattern and imagery, from fluttering butterflies to blossoming flowers, Liechtensteinian cartoon graphics to tattoo typeface.

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  • Framed 'Love Gold' - Print On Acrylic By Richard Berner

    Richard Berner

    Inspired by the people and places of Brighton and beyond, he always tries to create something out of the ordinary. His style could be described as eccentric, surreal and intricate.

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  • Cupid By Magnus

    Cupid Collection from Magnus

    A classical carving of cupid assumes a Baroque pose, its eyes cast up in contemplation, its tiny wings spread in preparation for the flight of love. Yet in its soft arms, the cherubim holds an atom bomb, emblazoned with gold lettering: ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’. 

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