• Donk


    A fluffy metaphor for life’s only constancy: constant change. The ‘Little Fucking Cloud’s' are compelling in their compositional simplicity: nothing more than the photographic image of a cloud, drifting through the sky in sepia tones, with a shimmering lightning bolt superimposed for divine effect.

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  • David Studwell

    Elton John - David Studwell 

    The result of a collaboration between Studwell, Elton John, and photographer Terry O’Neill, the print depicts the legend at his sold out stadium show. Studwell has colourised sections of O’Neill’s photograph in pink and blue, and encrusted the singer’s costume in dazzling diamond dust.

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  • Dave Towers

    Dave Towers

    Towers has captured the collective imagination of the contemporary art world with his captivating process-driven prints, These bold, typographical pieces are an exquisite harmony of form, colour and composition. They are entirely hand-crafted without a single digital element.

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  • Odle Dolomites By Alexander Heaton

    Alexander Heaton

    Alexander Heaton explores humankind’s most primeval interactions with nature through imaginative depictions of remote landscapes.

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  • Pete The Panda By Magda Archer

    Magda Archer

    Artist and illustrator Magda Archer creates colourful kitsch artworks inspired by her collection of popular paraphernalia.

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  • Natalie Wood - Christopher Walken's Nightmare - Blue By Pure Evil

    Pure Evil

    Pure Evil carries the torch of Pop Art into the twenty-first century, creating a new range of printed celebrity portraits, each one oozing a black tear as they face their own nightmare. 

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  • Bananas By Louise McNaught

    Louise McNaught

    McNaught's soft style suggests a delicate relationship between nature and ourselves, making a clear point about man's destruction of nature - which flutters jewel-like in the balance.

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  • I'm OK - Midnight Edition Hand Finished Sky Blue By Euan Roberts

    Euan Roberts

    Roberts' syncopated compositions muse on the everyday and the ignored to reflect the unrefined nature of humanity that contemporary culture seeks to repress.

  • Eat Sleep Rave Repeat By Keith Haynes

    Keith Haynes

    With his flare for design, Haynes creates work of striking visual acuity, playing with texture, colour, and composition to generate an eye-catching aesthetic.

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