• Elizabeth Wagget

    New Print by Elizabeth Waggett

    Don't miss this artrepublic exclusive by contemporary artist Elizabeth Waggett. 

    'This Is The Place' is a limited edition of 100.

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  • Bill Butcher

    Bill Butcher

    From the Wall Street Journal to Fortune, from the Financial Times to The Guardian, with publications in between, Butcher is about as prolific as it gets. With sports vignettes and political skits, Butcher’s pieces sit apart from the crowd, thanks to an exquisite eye for detail and a truly distinctive aesthetic.

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  • Ruth Davies

    Ruth Davies

    Contemporary artist Ruth Davis is pushing boundaries: bending gender expectations, her work contemplates the female football gaze, reimagining the beautiful game from the rebellious standpoint of the ‘outsider’. Check out her collection now!

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  • Gift Voucher

    Give the Gift of Art!

    If you're stuck on what to buy for yourself or for someone else, a gift voucher may be the perfect solution! Our gift vouchers can be purchased for varying amounts and can be used for any purchase at (excludes gallery purchases). 

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most wanted

  • Orto Botanico By Nadia Attura

    New Artist - Nadia Attura

    Working with a complex and multifaceted process of layering, Attura constructs tableaux, incorporating unexpected imagery, to produce poetic portrayals of place and time. 

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  • I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark (Uzi) By Magnus Gjoen

    Magnus Gjoen

    Magnus Gjoen's art explores the interaction between power and fragility, juxtaposing the two states for maximum conceptual effect.

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  • The Asian Elephant By Dan Pearce

    New Dan Pearce Work

    Pearce's works take inspiration from street and pop art and juxtaposing it with fine art. His work is bold and confident and transforms iconic portraits with his own inimitable style.


  • Tape Collection - Small By Heidler & Heeps

    Brand New Heidler & Heeps

    Heidler & Heeps have teamed up to produce a new print 'Tape Collection' which celebrates iconic vinyl and retro cassette tapes, through their own analogue photography practices.

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  • Silent Power By Hueman

    20% Off Hueman Print

    With all the energy and dynamism of the futurist movement, ‘Silent Power’ possesses astonishing visual presence, melting colours and textures, media and material, to create a truly singular work of contemporary art.

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  • Sloth By Tom Lewis

    Tom Lewis

    Against a moody pink forest, all overhung with blossoming vines, a sloth swings through the trees in dazzling neon red, blazing a trail of warm illumination through the murky undergrowth...

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