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Aroe Artist Biography

Aroe is a prolific graffiti artist, widely known as one of the most celebrated and important names in the subculture of graffiti. Aroe has been writing graffiti since the age of 13, after being exposed to the hip-hop culture through Malcolm Mclaren’s ‘Buffalo Girls’ video, shown on Top of the Pops in the late 70’s. He resides in Brighton and examples of his ambitious, free hand paintings can be found on walls throughout the city. Aroe is a constant innovator, always staying one step ahead of the competition and authorities.

Aroe is a true graffiti purist, everything he does is hand painted; he would never dream of using tools such as sacrilegious as stencils, or projectors to create pieces. Aroe is a member of the world famous graffiti crew MSK (Mad Society Kings) who operate out of Los Angeles. In mid-2000, Aroe helped form one of the most notorious, loved/hated graffiti crews to come out of the UK, ‘Heavy Artillery’. Their aim was to re-establish British graffiti in Europe. This task initially seemed impossible, as Europe laughed at the UK with its archaic methods and deeply rutted graffiti. However Heavy Artillery helped bring about a change and altered the face of the graffiti culture forever.

Aroe describes the importance of graffiti in his life: “Graffiti has given me many things: My best friends, crew loyalty, a sense of accomplishment, a creative outlet, a destructive outlet, massive opportunities for travelling/painting the world, adventures, beef, fights, laughter, tears, love, hate, understanding, diplomacy and above all, a sense of knowing that if I want something – there’s nothing that will stop me from achieving my goal”. 

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Uzi Patrol - 29 By Aroe
Uzi Patrol - 4 By Aroe
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