Lidia De Pedro Artist Biography

Lidia de Pedro is originally from Spain and was discovered by artrepublic when she was working for a graphic design company in Brighton, UK. With two sell-out shows and several high profile commissions to her name, her work has become highly collected amongst a loyal following. Lidia uses her work as a way to record thoughts and ideas, as well as commenting on recent news and events. She is a natural born traveller and loves to move to new cities and indulge in all the cultural differences and fun she encounters. She has a passion for creating images, trying new techniques and experimenting.

Lidia de Pedro obtained an Audio-visual Communication degree in 1999 specialising in Photography and Video Editing. On top of her degree studies, she took courses in Graphic Design and different Art Techniques. For many years Lidia was a video editor and graphic designer but since 2008 her career has been focused on being a freelance illustrator and artist.

In November 2008, she participated in the collective exhibition Saints and Sinners with artrepublic (St Martins Lane Hotel, London) where she produced a series of unique pieces on Perspex. Since the release of first solo exhibition The Best Man & Company in 2009 in Brighton, her characteristic and original style has quickly gained a strong following, resulting in a number of commissions and sold-out shows. From her travels and cultural interests Lidia de Pedro’s work is seething with different techniques and materials, resulting in densely patterned, multi-layered, colourful and personal art.

Flamboyant and colourful, Lidia de Pedro uses her work as a way to record thoughts and ideas; every picture tells a story. She describes her approach as creating a comic strip but within a single frame and without dialogue. Instead she creates the narrative through the layers of images through which the viewer has to navigate their own path. Lidia de Pedro hopes to achieve some unconscious affects, meanings and social commentary through her work.

“I see my work as a combination of things I like. I’ve noticed small decisions that are made very quickly and almost unconsciously influence the outcome of the final piece.”

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