What is an art Sculpture?

The term art sculpture refers to any three dimensional piece of art. This usually is produced by carving, modelling, casting, or constructing. However they can take different forms, sometimes as a collage piece or by combining several mediums together. Most of our pieces are cast or modelled, however some artists produce unique and hand crafted pieces from a range of sources such as combining Giclee, Silkscreening or found art methods.

What is found art Sculpture?

Found objects, also refereed to as "objet trouvé" may be non-art objects that one simply finds and displays as an art piece. These may be modified to be more art-like, either changing and altering the perception of the piece, or combined with other objects to complete a final artistic piece.

Art Sculptures for the Home

While we stock a huge range of prints, when decorating your home a Sculpture can add extra dimension and depth to your art collection. They can be more playful or serious, and can be a fantastic discussion point for parties and visitors!
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