Art Yard Sale

The artrepublic Art Yard Sale earlier in June saw some of the biggest names in the contemporary art world come together in Brighton to give fans the opportunity to meet and buy from the artists directly.

Following the huge success of the event, we are delighted to have a selection of works which were released on the day now available to purchase online here at - from artists such as Eelus, Copyright, RYCA, Joe Webb, Mike Edwards & more.

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  1. Becky Allen (2)
  2. Benjamin Thomas Taylor (2)
  3. COY! Communications (14)
  4. Eddy Bennett (2)
  5. Hutch (2)
  6. Joe Webb (2)
  7. Louise McNaught (9)
  8. Lucy Bryant (2)
  9. Magnus Gjoen (5)
  10. Maria Rivans (2)
  11. Richard Berner (4)
  12. Sara Pope (2)
  13. Shuby (1)
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