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Things come and go quickly in our Brighton gallery, here are a few prints that are nearing the end of their edition. Call our gallery on +44 (0)1273 724829 for further information on anything featured.

Rainbow Target by Peter Blake

Ever since his 1961 piece ‘The First Real Target?’ – an early work of British Pop Art, which incorporated a real archery target from the artist’s local sporting shop – Sir Peter Blake has referenced this circular motif a number of times in his work. Rainbows have also cropped up time and again, in various formats and scenarios – from playing a part in a contemporary Razzle Dazzle camouflage to framing images of Mexican wrestling heartthrobs.

Rainbow Target by Peter Blake

One of the artist’s latest editions combines the two motifs in a colourful, three-dimensional relief. Introducing ‘Rainbow Target’, a 3D vacuum plastic target, with each of its stepped concentric circles painted one of the colours of the rainbow. At the highest point of the target, right at its centre like the X marking the spot, is a ruby-red love heart that glows and sparkles… mostly because of its gleaming plastic finish, but possibly because the symbol of love makes most people go a little bit starry-eyed.

Blake’s work is always a draw for artrepublic’s art lovers, so it’s no surprise that this piece, which comes from an edition of 100, has been something of a hit at the gallery. If you have your sharp eye trained on this particular prize(d piece), you’ll have to make a move fast as we really are down to the very last editions.

To find out more about Rainbow Target, and other limited editions by Peter Blake, visit us at artrepublic Brighton or call 01273 724829 to speak to one of our personal art advisors.

Mother & Child by Dan Hillier

You know when you walk into an old Italian Renaissance church, a grand palace such as the Alcazar in Seville or a riad in Morocco, and you come face to face with beautiful, intricate frescoes and decor crafted using opulent, mineral-based pigments? Those spaces where you stop in your tracks, your neck cranes and your jaw drops a little bit in pure wonder? We mention them because there is a similarity between viewing these scenes and experiencing artist Dan Hillier’s work, ‘Mother & Child’.

Mother and Child by Dan Hillier

Hillier’s limited edition print depicts the Madonna and child but, unusually for the artist – who is known for highly decorative images created with a palette of black and white (and a touch of gold) – it utilises a collection of fully saturated hues. You don’t have to be remotely religious to appreciate the power of this print, which is more a celebration of themes that include fertility and mother nature; both figures are crowned with an array of jewel-bright florals, while the mother is wrapped in a midnight-blue cloak of stars.

Opulent, eye-catching and somewhat decadent (sort of the basic criteria for a Madonna and child image, if you look at the Renaissance masters) this print has proven incredibly popular.  So if you are experiencing some sort of art-based epiphany looking at it, you may want to pay attention as we predict that it won’t be in the gallery much longer.

To find out more about this piece and other works by Dan Hillier at artrepublic Brighton, call us on +44 (0)1273 724829 and speak to one of our personal art advisors.

The Fragility of Power by Elizabeth Waggett

From her base in New York, British artist Elizabeth Waggett creates work that is designed to challenge and confront the viewer – that’s you – about concepts of value in a consumer society. Rather than creating imagery that directly points at over-consumption (gluttony), greed and whatever other of the seven deadly sins are relevant here, Waggett approaches her favoured theme a little more quietly… through images of animals, skulls and personal artifacts.

The Fragility of Power by Elizabeth Waggett

Hand-drawing each subject in monochrome and finishing it with gold leaf and precious metal - a direct reference to the Gold Standard – Waggett creates an obvious tension between monetary wealth and other forms of value. So a lobster has its claws clamped with golden bands, a skull wears a gilded party hat and, in The Fragility of Power, a bull’s horns are daubed in a golden casing.

What is the fragile and what is the powerful here? That is what this image forces you to ask. And the answer to that relies totally on your own personal perspective.

As one of an edition of only 30, each finished with 22-karat gold, graphite and ink, this thought-provoking and intricately crafted print won’t be in the gallery much longer. We all know that you don’t mess about where bulls are concerned, and this is no exception.

Keep an eye out for Waggett’s exclusive for artrepublic, which will be coming to the Brighton gallery soon.


Call into our Brighton gallery today for further information on any of the artwork featured or call us on +44 (0)1273 724829 or email, best be quick though as these pieces are right at the end of their edition!


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