Join the monthly artrepublic Kids Club

Once a month the artrepublic gallery hosts a Kids Club with a special guest artist.

Join in for 2 hours of creative fun with loads of great activities, a great way for your little ones to spend a Saturday morning.

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artrepublic Kids Club


This family-friendly event offers a free, 2-hour art immersion in the city's most colourful gallery - artrepublic.

Held on every third Saturday of the month, the artrepublic gallery transforms into a bubbling pool of creativity for children and parents alike. With guidance from featured artists, families can enjoy free, quality time together, colouring and drawing the morning away.

A real feel-good event, artrepublic's kids' club was created with the local community in mind. Celebrating over 25 years in Brighton, the gallery has long-standing roots in the city and as a hub of artistic expression, the artrepublic gallery is the perfect place to get creative.

If you would like to read more about what the artrepublic kids' club has to offer; a member of the gallery team has written a piece about this free, family-focused event below...

Gleaming faces and twinkling eyes enliven Brighton's most popular art gallery as 30 children sit around a long table, drawing and colouring to their heart's' content.

Amongst the smiles - a featured artist, who has come in for the morning, guides the class through 2-hours of fun-filled creativity.

As the artist presents their theme, you can see the children are in awe. Inspired and excited, their little fingers grab at crayons, eager to get their interpretation of the artist's work down on paper.

It's clear why this kids club is so popular. With spectacular artwork from floor to ceiling, artrepublic offers a creative space to draw and colour. Some families are spotted taking a break from their drawing - walking around the gallery and talking about the artwork on show. One little girl shouts: "I like this one"! and her father smiles, replying: "Let's draw that one next".

This group event offers parents quality and creative time with their children. As well as being family-focused, the kids are interacting and forming new friendships too. A couple of the kids are sharing crayons, swapping back and forth as they approve each other's drawings. In a creative and magical world of their own, the children soak up time in the gallery, getting lost in the world of art.

Speaking with some of the parents, it was clear to see that this free, monthly event provides somewhat of a haven. Some parents mentioned that they work during the evenings and so, the weekends are the only time they get to enjoy as a family. Others commented that it allows them to get a few errands done whilst their kids enjoy a little creative time.

Above all - it’s a true celebration of what Brighton is all about - community and creativity.

To take part in this free event, simply visit our Eventbrite page to register. Hope to see you there!

Please note: These events are very popular and have limited availability so please register early. Also, please be aware that there will be photography and video of the event which will be used for marketing purposes by artrepublic and our affiliates.


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