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Brian Eno

Forever known as one of the founding members of Roxy Music (the 1970s rock band that, incidentally, was nominated for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2018) Brian Eno is widely recognised as a pioneer of the music industry. Key to this reputation is his work with ambient music – a concept that he developed after he left the band in 1973 to concentrate on solo projects. Eno’s experimental work was not limited to the audio arena though; over the past four decades he has also shown an ongoing interest in the visual arts, exploring light through video, installations and artworks. He’s referred to his music-meets-art installations as a means of blurring the boundaries between music and noise, messing with and challenging a viewer’s perception of space and time.

Eclipsed 2016 by Brian Eno

This blurring of boundaries extends out further into Eno’s static (if you can call them that) etchings, some of which can be found at artrepublic’s Brighton gallery. Extensions of his kinetic ‘light boxes’, which use slowly changing LED light fields to draw your focus into the present moment, these limited edition prints layer blocks of colour to play with your understanding of a flat surface; focused around a central warm-hued square, the geometric spaces that make up these prints almost pulse with movement and rhythm. These prints demand more than a glance – they need a little time (and meditation if you want to get spiritual about it). But give them that and you’ll see how the simplest forms can, in fact, be the most rewarding.

To find out more about Brian Eno’s work, and the print editions available at artrepublic Brighton, visit the gallery or call us on 01273 724829 to speak to one of our personal art advisors.

Grayson Perry

He’s appeared on the Reith Lectures, held his own on primetime TV with a series of engaging documentaries, exhibited his work at some of the world’s biggest art institutions and even coordinated the Royal Academy’s 250th Summer Show this year. And yet, there’s something very down-to-earth about Grayson Perry. From what we can tell, he’s skipped past the Ego that that level of exposure would bring about in most people and, in doing that, made it to the top of our dream dinner party guest list. Imagine how great that meal would be!

Reclining Artist by Grayson Perry

This, no doubt, is one of the many reasons that tickets for his tour (which rolls into Brighton on 4 November) have sold like hot cakes. People want to hear what this socially and politically aware artist has to say, whether that is directly from the horse’s mouth or via his visually rich tapestries, ceramics and prints, such as ‘Selfie With Political Causes’ (above). If you can’t get into Brighton Dome to see Perry in person, you can at least experience this example of the national treasure’s limited edition artwork, alter egos and colourful views in our Brighton gallery.

From an edition of 68 colour etchings, each signed by the artist, ‘Selfie With Political Causes’ depicts Perry’s alter-ego (Claire) as Peace, riding a motorbike of identity, equality and social justice through a landscape littered with political issues. Smashing up all that’s negative – racism, homophobia, sexism and poverty – Claire, atop her spiky-tired bike, leaves more positive messages, such as belief, equality and tolerance, in her wake.

This uplifting blend of eye-catching colour and topical typography bears Perry’s unmistakable stylistic signature – you come away from it feeling inspired, and like a little bit of Perry’s power has rubbed off on you. Much like, we expect, the audience will feel when they leave the Dome after an evening with the artist himself.

To find out more about Grayson Perry’s work, and the pieces that we have at artrepublic Brighton, call us on +44 (0)1273 724829 and speak to one of our personal art advisors.

Amerika by Pure Evil

The inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2017 has had an impact upon a number of things – an increase in Twitter’s character limit is just one, very minor example. But one good thing to come out of the controversial campaign and ensuing presidency is some seriously great protest-style art.

Amerika by Pure Evil

As many artists respond to pop culture, current affairs and contemporary concerns through their work, we’ve seen various creative outpourings that, for the most part, question what the hell is going on in the world today.

Immediately after Donald became President Trump, British artist Pure Evil released ‘America’s Nightmare’, a limited edition screenprint of a sombre Statue of Liberty, completed with the artist’s trademark teardrop. Granted, the image may not have directly depicted the former host of The Apprentice (America), but it  was timed perfectly to make a point. And it did just that; the artwork’s popularity pointed out the widespread approval for its sentiment.

And so Pure Evil created a follow-up print: ‘Amerika’. And this is proving just as popular with the art lovers out there.

Available in Red, Blue and Black, each from a limited-edition of 30, the artist takes the Statue of Liberty as his muse once more. Still with a teardrop falling from one eye, the iconic and enduring symbol – which historically marked the gateway to America for those arriving in New York Harbour – is overlaid with a section of the star-spangled banner. A shadow looms suggestively, moodily behind Liberty.

Capturing the mood of the moment, these silkscreen editions are proving as popular as the previous print in Pure Evil’s series. While it may not be as provocative as Childish Gambino’s recent single, This Is America, this is as much an artwork of its time and certainly worth a closer look.


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