artrepublic support an art project for the homeless, Justlife Brighton

We’re sponsoring a studio to help boost the wellbeing of homeless people.

artrepublic are delighted to announce our project with Justlife in Brighton. Justlife are an organisation that focuses on Health Engagement with the homeless people of Brighton and Hove. Their primary objective is to improve the access the homeless have to primary care. After that, they aim to improve and maintain their good health in order to improve their chances of moving on from homelessness. They offer preventative care to those in unsupported temporary accommodation, to ensure that they don’t fall into homelessness. Alongside this, they provide progressive care to those currently suffering from homelessness. Needless to say, their work is invaluable and life-saving, and artrepublic are humbled to be able to help.

artrepublic Sponsors Justlife Brighton

One of the distinguishing aspects of the work that Justlife do in Brighton is address the social aspect of homelessness. Often homeless people do not have the opportunity to socialise and build networks of support outside of their experiences on the streets. Due to this, they often are alone or in communities that do not hold their best interests at heart. artrepublic have offered to sponsor a studio for the people affected by homelessness to spend time painting and expressing themselves artistically. It is important that people that have been homeless are rehabilitated physically but also mentally and emotionally. artrepublic hopes that the safe space offered to be creative will help increase the wellbeing of the vulnerable people in Brighton. To be able to creatively express yourself is often a privilege not extended to the homeless, but it is essential to build an identity that isn’t defined by a current situation. Defining oneself as a person outside of homelessness will build confidence and hope, which is essential to build a life away from it.

artrepublic Spnsors Justlife Brighton

Alongside improving mental and emotional wellbeing of the people impacted by homelessness, artrepublic hopes that time spent in the studio can help build networks of professional support, improve skills and prospects of finding employment. Last year the Justlife Creative Studio won Best Newcomer at the Artists Open Houses Awards. The open house showcased work from the artists who have experienced homelessness, was a huge success. Building connections with the most vulnerable and creating a sense of community within them is critical in reintegrating them into society. Following from Justlife’s success last year, artrepublic are proud to sponsor the studio of the open house, and provide all of the art supplies. artrepublic are proud to be part of an incredible cause and to help enable the creative expression and rehabilitation of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Please support the work of Justlife Brighton and visit the open house when it is open.


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