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Minty art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com


Minty art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com

American born artist Minty moved from Detroit to Brighton, where he has filled the city’s streets with his iconic and unmissable wheat paste-ups. From large-scale murals to small, isolated images, Minty’s work is instantly recognisable, integrating cultural symbolism with absurdism and eroticism, often branded with the three, simple words, ‘I Love You’, and his own, stencilled sign-off. A self-taught artist, Minty’s creativity is fuelled by his desire to be constantly learning and growing and, in his art, this is translated into the raw energy and dynamism that so many rigorously trained, contemporary artists can fall out of touch with. His work comes to life on the streets - in those musty, dusty, corners, tucked away and far from the touristy crowds, bringing life to empty, negative spaces, and enriching the nooks and crannies of urban areas. Yet his limited edition prints still capture something of his inimitable spirit and aesthetic, full of colour, character, and heaps of creativity.
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