Melissa Wenke art prints & posters, available now at

Melissa Wenke

Melissa Wenke art prints & posters, available now at

The institutional technique and authentic energy are front and center in, Los Angeles based artist, Melissa Wenke's work. A Los Angeles native, Wenke grew up both in Southern and Northern California as well as in Paris, France.

While in school at The George Washington University, Wenke designed and ran 'The Hot Steppa' a trend forecasting blog that combined visuals and culture notes in a way that captured the artists over all style and aesthetic.

It was after graduating that Wenke came to painting. It has been eight years and she explains 'I've yet to be able to stop'.

Over the past seven years, the artist has produced collections of work that reflect the her journey through process. The focus on mixed media is inherent in the artist work. With the intention of 'inspiring energy' the artists produces work that explores the experience.

Based out of Downtown Los Angeles, the artist has spent the last six years actively creating work and finding alternative avenues of incorporating fine art in to the daily lives of individuals.

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