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Jayson Lilley art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com

Jayson Lilley

Jayson Lilley art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com

Contemporary artist Jayson Lilley works at the forefront of printmaking practices, incorporating painting and collage techniques into his process. His work is known for its urban and architectural focus, zooming in on familiar landmarks and reproducing iconic structures from the metropolis. His love of modernist, Art Deco and Brutalist architectural design is infectious, bleeding into his own work which is often stark and minimal, with strong impact: stripped back palettes - often concrete shades of grey - complement bold compositional techniques. With an eye for mid-century aesthetics, Pop-Art is never far from Lilley’s work, which often evokes the naive charm of a Patrick Caulfield and David Hockney, with its colour blocking, clean lines and flat perspective. Lilley cites Japanese Ukiy-o Constructivism as amongst his influences, and the work of Hokusai and Rodchenko can also be felt in the calculated simplicity of his aesthetic. Lilley’s paintings are held in galleries across the world including, London, New York, Hong Kong and Moscow.
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