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What is own art? Who is eligible? How do I pay?
How much can I borrow? Examples of Orders What can I Buy?

 The Own Art Scheme

Spread the cost of your favourite artwork over up to 20 months.

artrepublic is committed to making art affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. The Own Art scheme is the perfect way to purchase art affordably without risk. We have developed innovative integration allowing you to complete all the paperwork and purchase online. 

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What is Own Art?

Own art is an initiative from Arts Council England, run in partnership with Creative Scotland and credit provider Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance. UK-based customers can purchase artwork and receive it straight away.

The cost is spread over a period of 10 or 20 monthly instalments at 0% APR Representative. artrepublic was one of the first to offer Own Art and Own Art Twenty online, providing access to loans of up to £25,000.

Additional payments can be made at any time. 

Benefits of Own Art

  • Supports living artists
  • Completely interest free
  • Art can be enjoyed while spreading the cost over equal months
  • Additional payments can be made at any time
  • Framing is eligible

What can I Buy?

artrepublic list a huge amount of artwork available with Own Art.

To be eligible for the own art scheme, works must meet the following criteria:

  • Be From a living artist
  • Be Over £100
  • Be A limited edition of 150 or less OR an original

Be A Giclée only if a digital artwork (reproduction of original work such as a painting as a Giclée are not eligible).

 Contemporary Art  Figurative Art  Original Artwork  Under £250
Contemporary Figurative Original Artwork Prints Under £250


How much can I borrow

Deposit Own Art can be used to cover the full amount of the artwork, or you can choose to pay a deposit towards the purchase and reduce your monthly payments.

Own Art is available for values from £100 to £2,500, and is paid over 10 months.

The loan can be used to cover a group of lower value items whose combined total adds up to £2,500 or more, or as part payment for items.

Own Art Twenty is available for higher value artworks, both framed or unframed between £2,501 and £25,000, over 20 months completely interest free. 

  Own Art Logo Own Art 20
Applicable Finance range £100 to £2,500 £2,501 to £25,000
Repayment Time 10 Months 20 Months
APR 0% 0%


There are no limits to how many times Own Art is used, but each loan is subject to a credit check. We recommend a 4 month ‘cooling’ period between applications.

Who is Eligible?

 Own Art is remarkably easy to use. The only criteria are that you must be:

  • A permanent UK resident
  • Over the age of 18
  • Working at least 16 hours a week (employed or self-employed)
  • If you’re not working but married to or living with a partner who does have a full time job, you can still apply as long as your partner is happy to have their employment details included on your application.

    Own Art - Live with the art you love

How do I pay with Own Art?Own Art Checkout

The entire own art process can be managed online as a normal payment method through our secure checkout.

Eligible products can be found with the own art or own art twenty logos on the product page.

During the checkout process select what you would like to pay with finance, and follow the instructions. This option is on the right hand side of the checkout.

If you have any questions about the Own Art schemes or prefer to apply by phone, please call us on 01273 766360 (lines open Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm).

 Alternatively contact our help desk with your contact telephone number and we'll be happy to give you a call to go through any questions or to process your loan.

E-Signatures vs Sending Paperwork Manually

E-signature lets you approve the documentation for processing without having to print out and manually sign documents. Using e-signature speeds up the process immensely. 

Please be aware that e-signatures are not always offered and a signature may be required as determined by Hitachi Finance.  

Example Orders

Below are several example scenarios.  

If the product is eligible and in your basket, during checkout a “Pay using Finance” option will appear on the right. Select “yes” to show the deposit slider. You can pay up to 60% as the initial deposit to reduce monthly repayments.Own Art Vertical Banner

With a Deposit

Print £450
Deposit - 60% £270
Own Art Loan - Finance Value  £180
Own Art 10x Monthly Payments £18

Without a Deposit

You can also choose to pay a deposit level of 0%, funding the entire purchase via Own Art.

Print £450
Deposit - 60% £0
Own Art Loan - Finance Value  £450
Own Art 10x Monthly Payments £45

 With Framing and With Deposit

Print £450
Frame £188
Total Order Value £638
Deposit - 30% £191.40
Own Art Loan - Finance Value  £446.60
Own Art 10x Monthly Payments £44.66

Framing is included in the Own Art scheme, providing you with a ready to hang piece of art.

Based on product recommendation, the antique gold frame for £188 has been chosen for a total value of £638. 

Own Art Twenty - High value orders 

Print £3000
Deposit - 10%  £300
Own Art Loan £2700
Own Art 20x Monthly Repayments £135


During checkout, delivery address and billing address must be the same, otherwise the application will fail.Pay the deposit as chosen, and click “place order”. This will redirect you to the Hitachi Finance application form which must be completed in full, and where possible signed for using e-signature. The order will then be processed**.The first payment is made within a few weeks of receiving the item.**Applications may require details to be confirmed or further information based on credit rating of application. However, Most of our applications are processed quickly without issue.

 What if I have an existing own art application?

Please contact Hitachi to do the following:

  • Pay off extra balance
  • Receive a remaining balance update
  • Change payment dates
  • Find out when your finance ends

Hitachi Finance an be contacted directly on 0344 375 5500. Please have your application number to hand when calling.

 Terms and Conditions 

Finance is provided by Hitachi Personal Finance, a division of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.Loans are 0% APR RepresentativeArcher Publications Ltd is a member of the Own Art Loan Scheme.Registered address: 13 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD   

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