Imperfect Artworks

On occasion, an 'Imperfect' print is delivered to us. This could be a piece that has a slight scratch, a small crease at the corner, or a minor ink smear. Rather than destroying these beautiful prints, we thought we would continue to offer them out, but for a fraction of the original price. Browse our selection of Imperfect artworks, to find a bargain of a lifetime. We recommend framing these pieces to get the full experience of these stunning yet not perfect pieces.
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Entertainment Type
  1. Celebrity (2)
  2. TV (1)
Art Movement
  1. Contemporary Art (3)
  2. Pop Art (3)
  3. Graffiti (2)
  4. Modern Art (1)
Art Subject
  1. Figurative (2)
  2. Entertainment (3)
Edition Type
  1. limited edition (7)
  2. open edition (1)
  3. Limited Edition (6)
Own Art
  1. yes (1)
  2. no (6)
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