Ian Stevenson art prints & posters, available now at

Ian Stevenson

Ian Stevenson art prints & posters, available now at

Contemporary artist Ian Stevenson is known for his wry, twisted sense of humour and his darkly funny aesthetic. Anything goes with Stevenson, who takes his inspiration from every corner of everyday life: from city walls to gritty pavements, from the canvas to the trash-can, Stevenson works on what he can get his hands on, transforming the banal to the sublime with a simplicity that confounds every expectation. His work employs illustration, photography, and sculpture, creating hilarious scenes, slogans, and symbolism through distorted imagery. Funny, charming, and brilliantly imaginative, Stevenson’s work defies you not to fall in love with it (and you can take it from us, it’s a surefire impossibility).

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