The Meeting By Dan Hillier and Soozy Lipsey

You could win this stunning collaborative print from the beautiful minds of Dan Hillier and Soozy Lipsey!

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 Check out the interview we did with Soozy HERE

Browse Dan Hillier's work.

Dan Hillier was thrust into the general public's attention in 2014, when his stunning image 'Pachamama' was used by Brighton band 'Royal Blood' - on the cover of their chart topping debut album.

His style is mainly made up of collages created from bits and pieces of old Victorian prints, which he sources from 1800 woodcuts, engravings, anatomical drawings and various illustrations. He then scans them into Photoshop and then plays around layering them up to make new images. Dan Hillier has been referred to as a Surrealist and Neo-Victoriana in the past. Dan Hillier's work is popular because his art prints look quite modern, whilst also being of Victorian times. If you are a fan - then don't hesitate to buy one of his art prints right here.

Browse Soozy Lipsey's work.

London-based artist Soozy Lipsey brings her experience as an antique stylist to her punchy and ironic limited edition works of art.

Using a variety of media - from print to paint to collage - Lipsey reimagines the traditional with contemporary whimsy, adding a touch of the fantastical here, and a dash of the macabre there, for visually provocative aesthetic. Repurposing existing - or ‘found’ - objects and images, Lipsey transforms nostalgia into the uncanny though combinational techniques. To put it plainly: leave behind everything you thought you knew and enter the wonderful world of Soozy Lipsey.

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Competition closes 1st April 2019

Alternatively, you can purchase this gorgeous collaboration here: The Meeting by Dan Hillier & Soozy Lipsey

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