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Fieldinspired art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com


Fieldinspired art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com

Graphic artist and illustrator Rich Field - better known as Fieldinspired - creates prints that fuse hand-drawn elements with digital processes for a striking aesthetic. Each print consists of a minimum of 80 different layers, built one upon the other from the centre of the canvas to create depth and extraordinary detail. His latest collection has been inspired by a trip to South East Asia: awestruck by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world, Fieldinspired has put his stamp on the some of the planet’s most beautiful exotic creatures. Fieldinspired has, in his own words, “always been fascinated with the beauty of the world around me. From the perfect gradient sunsets form, to the complex symmetry on a seemingly simple leaf. The way nature creates beautiful design so effortlessly has always filled me with wonder.” His work reflects the perfect geometry of natural design, using meticulously detailed brush strokes and simple shapes to create images of astonishing complexity. Using a bold, electric palette, Fieldinspired sets his images against an inky black background to create a strong sense of depth and a rich, hypnotic power. Fieldinspired as an artistic name works as an innovative fusion of muse and method, evoking not only the inspiring plane of nature but the sheer ability of artifice to make one ‘feel inspired’.

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