DANAD art prints & posters, available now at


DANAD art prints & posters, available now at

Danad Design was an art collective, founded in 1958 by artists Tom Adams and Barry Daniels. Like all great collaborative projects, the Dana collective emerged out of a remarkable space: Adams and Daniels lived and worked together in the dilapidated splendour of Marden Hill, a Georgian Country house in Hertfordshire, where they played host to the liked of Sylvia Plath, Donovan, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Rod Stewart, and Ossie Clark. Over this creative period, the duo grew into a collective, with contributions from pioneers of the British Pop Art movement including Bobyn Denny and Edward Wright.

After a time, Danad began to apply their designs to a range of hand-crafted furniture, which was taken up by some of the high street’s leading names in interior design, including Liberty, Heals, and Harrods. In this way, the pair transformed their practice into the everyday object: one of the key tenets of the Pop Art movement.

Today, the Barry Daniels Studio Archive has been opened up, revealing a number of designs that were created for the fashion and interiors industries - but which make for some of the most innovative British print works of the twentieth century.

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