Custom Framing

Get the complete picture with our high quality bespoke hand crafted custom framing service and ready made frames.

A custom frame is the perfect way to complement your beautiful limited edition artwork. Our custom framing is a bespoke handmade service. Each frame is cut, joined and assembled by hand by skilled framers to create the perfect product ready to hang on your wall. Your framed artwork is then delivered to your door (Mainland UK customers only).

To ensure your frame arrives with you in pristine condition, all of our custom frames are delivered either by our own driver or with an external courier service. Both are highly experienced specialists in specifically delivering custom frames safely and securely. 

Framed prints

FRAME MOULDINGS the frame makes a connection between the picture and where it is displayed. It should enhance without intruding. We offer a range for frame profiles that suite most artworks and interiors. You can also see our framing expert’s recommendation of the best profile for the work. Our Aluminium frames are of the highest quality from the industry leader with over 30 years’ experience. Our wooden profiles are from non-endangered woods and chosen to create the perfect stylish strong frames.

BOX FRAMING Offered as standard on all our limited edition prints box framing offers a protective distance of 15mm between the surface of the artwork and the glazing which makes this an ideal choice when framing limited edition prints or original artworks. With the risk of any ink transferral from the artwork onto the glazing being eliminated you can simply enjoy your custom framed artwork at its very best.

GLAZING We offer a comprehensive choice of glazing for our custom frames including standard framing glass, specialist types of glass and gallery grade cast acrylic:  

UV Glass invisibly protects your artwork from the sun and provides protection against damage and fading by blocking harmful UV light waves.

ClearColour Glass offers the ultimate in viewing clarity with a high quality antireflective coating on both sides for viewing brilliant and true colour. This is an anti-reflective picture glass which reduces reflection to only 1% through the coating applied. Offering an extremely high quality visual effect where in some light conditions the glass is effectively invisible. An excellent choice especially for framing darker prints and lenticulars.’

ClearColour UV Glass is a unique combination of UV protection and an antireflective coating. Invisibly protecting your picture from the sun - brilliant colour, true colour, and protection for all of your artwork, all of the time. Offering the ultimate in viewing clarity and protection against damage and fading by blocking harmful UV light waves.

High Grade Cast Acrylic 3mm is a gallery high grade crystal clear cast acrylic – For superb viewing, it is a safe and hard-wearing alternative to glass. 

Ornate Frame Image

MOUNTING  All of our limited edition artworks are offered with a choice of mounting options. Your print can either be perfectly framed directly into the edge of the frame profile upon a protective Acid Free Backing, or alternatively a very popular and highly recommended option is having the artwork shadow float mounted. Both of these options are available here online.

Acid free backing is a mounting process is commonly used and suitable for Limited Edition, Original and rare artwork. The artwork is not stuck down but the artwork is beautifully framed with an acid free board placed between the backing board and the print to avoid any chemical transfer. Fully reversible.

Shadow Float Mounting is a method used to beautifully mount artwork onto a foam core using a heat activated mounting called Artcare Restore‚ a fully archival and reversible mount. The result is the artwork appearing to float securely upon a backing mount board - creating a wonderful shadow beneath the artwork. Our top recommendation when framing artwork with deckled edges (hand-torn).

We offer the option to select either a white or black backing mount board which are the most commonly used, although other colour options are available upon request

Surround Mounts are flat pieces of high quality card included within a picture frame creating a window to view the artwork. They serves as additional decoration and to perform several other, more practical functions, such as separating the art from the glass. Surround mounts are available in a huge array of wonderful colours and hues.

Thinking of framing your artwork with a surround mount or looking for some expert advice or further framing recommendations?
We will be very happy to assist you. Quotes and advice are available on request with our custom framing consultant here at artrepublic online. 
For further information and advice please contact our in-house framing expert on +44 (0)1273 766360 (Mon-Fri 9am – 5.30pm GMT) or send your enquiry directly through our site

Ready Made Frames
If you have chosen an open edition art work or exhibition poster then one of our high quality ready made frames could be the perfect partner to your print and an affordable way to get it onto your wall and admired by everyone. Available in a range of profiles to go with any interior and set off your artwork to perfection. All our glass ready made frames come with FREE UK mainland delivery.
View all our ready made frames.      

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