Born To Kiln art prints & posters, available now at

Born To Kiln

Born To Kiln art prints & posters, available now at

Contemporary artist Born to Kiln (aka Jimmy South) creates unique glass art sculptures, transforming culturally ugly articles of war into objects of beauty and contemplation. Exploring the intersection between purpose and tactility, asking the extent to which social function determines the aesthetics of a thing, South creates provocative works that challenge their viewer to confront contemporary global and political issues. South poignantly draws on his own autobiographical experiences: his father was in the Royal Navy, testing prototype H-Bombs in the Pacific, when he met his untimely death. The fall-out from this formative experience has led to a fascination with weapons of destruction and a powerful insight into society’s necessity to craft peace and beauty before terror and atrocity. Through the use of free-blown glass, Born to Kiln radically transforms the object of violence into its polar opposite: a precious instance of harmony and stability.

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