Ben Allen Artist Biography

Ben Allen is a rebel and his art reflects that. When he first started painting in the 90s, he soon realised this could be an outlet for the wild creative energy which distracted him so much in his youth. The application of paint, ink or collage on to a surface has been a compulsive, therapeutic habit ever since he returned from a trip to Mexico aged 19, where he first encountered the philosophical concepts of perception, inner development and mind-expansion which underpin the writings of some of his favourite authors including Carlos Castenada, one of his most significant and recurring influences.

Ben’s paintings, murals and screen prints occupy a space between street art, graffiti, abstraction, graphic design, pop culture, modernism and comic strips. It’s an oeuvre which is best described as Contemporary Pop Art. Using a range of materials including acrylic, household paints, spray paint, screen printing, markers, comic books, digital print, billboard papers and US currency, he makes diverse, intuitive and boldly subversive imagery.  

Ben’s work is built on a foundation of experience, freedom of thought, experimentation and an  ‘emotional synesthesia’. Music is vital to the creative process and the vibrant colours and abstracted forms of his evocative paintings and prints resonate with the with the beats that reverberate around his bright, open-plan studio. It is connected to emotions, too. The way he feels is reflected in each brush stroke, splatter or sprayed form, and these actions become an unselfconscious monitor of his mood and energy. Despite this intensity, the finished result is always considered and Ben will work on a number of canvases at any one time, moving between them, adding layers and references until he finds a resolution. 

Ben has worked on a range of bespoke interior design projects from the UK to India and his artwork has been used by a wide following of clients and high-end brands including N.M.E. Magazine, Vans, Converse, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Levis, Virgin, Jamie Oliver, Channel 5, Nokia, Estrella Galicia and Subliminal Records. 

As an artist, Ben is constantly motivated to challenge art that feels safe or easy. His process is focussed and intense and his output reveals a vivid culmination of joy and pain, anarchy and peach, love and hate, greed and kindness. Amongst this hotbed of contradictions, the work resides, vibrating with life and a tangible energy. 

Ben’s work has featured on Grand Designs, Four Rooms and is in private collections throughout the UK, in Australia, New York, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Korea, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Ibiza and has been featured in Huck, Design Week, The Observer, The Times, Elle Déco, Plus1, Time Out, Loaded and GQ magazines to name but a few.

Collectors of Allen’s work include the likes of Jade Jagger, Stephen Dorff, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Gordon Ramsay, Horace Panter (The Specials) and Richard Branson.

More art prints from Ben Allen

American Girl - Empire Icon - Small By Ben Allen
One Dollar Love - Large By Ben Allen
Monster Mickey Giclee Edition - Supersize By Ben Allen
Electric Ladyland - Supersized By Ben Allen
Avenger - New York City Triptych Large By Ben Allen
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