Simon Dixon Artist Biography

Simon Dixon produces strong colourful Pop Art images of 20th Century icons. His bold portraits on block colour backgrounds look stunning as original paintings, silk screens and giclee pop editions. He has established a reputation as one of the UK's leading pop artists.Dixon was born in 1966, and first came to prominence in his home town of Brighton. His style reflects his background illustrating underground comics and music magazines, as well as his personal obsession with all this rock and roll. His work is influenced by his interest in popular music, and 20th century cultural and political history, particularly from America.He is known for his pure Pop portraits which often feature photographic detail imposed on broad areas of flat colour. His early pieces included portraits of Elvis, Johnny Rotten and Billie Holiday. His choice of subject tends to be famous people with an interesting history and he deliberately depicts an iconic image of the moment the subject truly entered the public eye. In this way his images speak of determination, passion and changing history. Although primarily known for painting recognizable cultural figures, much of Simon Dixon's work has also delat with lesser known cult or folk 'heroes'. Dixon is often described as the 'daddy' of Pop Art in Brighton and has exhibited widely in Brighton, London and throughout the UK. Famous fans and collectors of his work include Sharleen Spiteri, Sean Ryder, Vernon Kay, Dougie Payne, Kelly Macdonald and Jonny Lee Miller.Read our editorial featuring Simon Dixon: Prints that Rock! A selection of prints of musicians at artrepublic

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Casius Clay By Simon Dixon
Debbie Harry By Simon Dixon
Johnny Cash MkI By Simon Dixon
Elvis 68 By Simon Dixon
Blue Cat By Simon Dixon
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