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Screen Prince Artist Biography

Screen Prince, aka Ben Duarri, runs a studio in Brighton and works as a screen print artist and designer creating mesmerising portraits of famous musicians using text (calligrams) from the lyrics of their iconic songs.Screen Prince was born in El Escorial, near Madrid, but moved to the South coast of England at an early age. One his earliest memories is walking on the beach in Seaford catching crabs. Crayons led Screen Prince to become an artist. Now his medium is usually pastel or pastel pencil and dip pen with acrylic ink. For original artwork and hand finishing he uses more water-based inks. All of his pieces are hand-drawn and then hand-printed by him, using rich and opulent colours, papers and tones which are unique to each work.Screen Prince has cited Andy Warhol, Cubism, Pop Art, Apollinaire, Futurism, Roy Lichtenstein, Yoko Ono, Jean-Michel Basquiat and West End musical posters as the main inspirations behind his work. Music is also incredibly important to his art and life as an artist; he believes it is the one thing he couldn't live without. He has created a series of portraits titled 'Royalty' which depict what he sees as a new kind of power, the power of musical icons. These portraits are created using text and have an animated quality where the lyrics used by the subject literally bring them to life. They have been created in variations of the regal palette of blended golds and tinted purples. Musical artists featured in the series include Run DMC, Donna Summer, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. Screen Prince's clients include Jay Z, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith and Grace Jones. DJ Fatboy Slim has used a giant 'Donna Summer' artwork by Screen Prince at his enormous live shows such as the Big Beach Boutique, Brighton, Ibizia, and Japan. "It was one of the biggest screens in the world,That was pretty cool seeing 25,000 people dancing to my picture and Fatboy Slim symbolically bowing to her while he played his dedication to the queen of disco." Read our editorial featuring Screen Prince:A with Screen Prince The Screen Prince Hall of FameA collection of Screen Prince's finest prints, now sold out and previously available from artrepublic Run DMC (Signed Limited Edition of 20) Prince - on cream (Signed Limited Edition Artists Proof) Jimi - Mint (Signed Limited Edition Artists Proof).

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