Shannan Gia Artist Biography

Shannan Gia was born and raised in Cape Town and has been actively involved the worlds of both Fine Art and Film since graduating with a Bachelor of Technology degree in the Film Arts. Shannan Gia currently works as a Visual Effects Artist and Animator at one of the top rated production houses in South Africa. Shannan Gia frequently draws on experience from her film background in her artwork. Creative ‘brainstorming’ processes such as pre-visualisation / concept art / storyboarding & character design are evident influences in her designs. Shannan Gia explores the notion of creativity founded in the automatic practice of doodling and the ability to connect with one’s inner child. She takes artwork that she has created over many years and arranges them together to create a random juxtaposition. This contemporary language of forced association overrides the logical thought processes & inspires latent creativity. The additional lyrical phrases are intended to express & stimulate the creative, whimsical side of the mind. She feels life is full of cross-referencing whether intended or accidental & believes through this act of creativity the viewer & the artist can play with personal interpretation. Her pieces are visually vibrant and the narratives she creates are naive, warming, nostalgic & quirky.Shannan Gia has a Diploma in Advanced Character Animation from Animation Mentor (a world- renowned training school based in San Francisco) and has attended the 'Gobelins l'école de l'image' Summer School ~ another highly recognised animation school in Paris. Shannan Gia won 1st prize for a Matte Painting created for a South African digital arts challenge. Shannan Gia also recently collaborated with a few other talented artists to create a music video for one of the top local bands. Shannan Gia has taken part in numerous exhibitions in South Africa.

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