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Louise Dear Artist Biography

Louise Dear describes herself as ‘A painter with a simple ambition… to create beautiful paintings’. She makes large, contemporary, figurative works that are brimming with colour and vibrancy. The images she conjures are spirited and seductive, evoking feelings of joy in the viewer. In her originals she works directly onto sheets of aluminium and attains her signature aesthetic through the process of throwing, rubbing, pouring and dripping inks and dyes, glitter and glosses, to form a background layer. The surface is then sanded, scratched and distressed, depending on what image will be overlaid. Louise continually experiments with a plethora of materials to achieve different textures and effects. Her paintings are allowed to evolve in an organic way, with elements selected from photograph being enlarged to create new exciting dynamics. Her daughter Lama acts as her most important muse, with her stylized portrait featuring in many paintings. Louise has travelled extensively, with a spirit of adventure and discovery being instilled in her from a young age. At just 21 years old she set of off on a voyage across Europe and North Africa in a vintage ambulance she had painted honey pink. After returning home she then set off for a three-month trip around India, returning to England some seven year later. Her marvellous travels and experiences continue provide rich inspire her for work. Louise has been working as a professional artist since graduating from University College Chichester in 1998 and after a decade spent in Devon, she is now living and working in Brighton. Louise cities multiple sources of inspiration in her art including; Utamaro and the 18th century Japanese artists of the ‘floating world, The Art Nouveau period of the 20th Century and more recently ‘Superflat’ movement of contemporary Japan. Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koon, Paul Morrisson, Lisa Yuskavage and even Walt Disney, all continue to influence her impassioned practice.

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