Kozyndan Artist Biography

Kozyndan is the collaborative name for husband and wife artists Kouze and Dan Kitchens who are famously known for creating highly detailed drawings and paintings for both illustration and art. The talented duo work together producing artistic creations that combine elements of the everyday together with the extraordinary and bizarre. Their inherent sense of fun and imagination aid their beautifully executed works creating intricately surreal pieces. Images such as 'Uprisings' and 'Bunny Blossom', emphasise their love of the natural world and illustrates their frequent use of bunny rabbits within their work. Kozyndan's continuing fascination with nature acts as their main focus and motivation for creating original work. Aside from their paintings Kozyndan have produced illustrations for clothing, shoes and even dinnerware. Their distinctive designs are increasingly popular and the pair have exhibited internationally as well as appearing in group shows alongside Banksy and Barry McGhee. Kozyndan have collaborated with a number of famous companies with the likes of Playstation and Puma to name but a few. With both open and limited editions available, their work is beautiful, affordable and continues to be ever so popular.

More art prints from Kozyndan

Rainbow Narwhal Spirit Animal By Kozyndan
Horny Kozyndan By Kozyndan
Bunnyskull By Kozyndan
An Ode To California By Kozyndan
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