Keeki Artist Biography

Keeki is a London based illustrator. Her influences include Japanese artists, twentieth century illustrators and humorous cartoonist such as Charles Addams. Her charming illustrations transport you into her wonderful world of anthropomorphic fruit, sleeping narwhals and orating birds. Keeki is the name artist Ali Cattini chose for herself, "Keeki means cake in Japanese and as I'm influenced by Japanese art and I love cake it seemed the perfect name for me!" Her love of illustration and books stems from her childhood. As a little girl being read to by her mother the stories of Roald Dahl and the illustrations of Quentin Blake fired her imagination. "The Twits" by Roald Dahl was her favourite. In an interview with artrepublic Keeki explained, "I always drew and used to get in trouble for drawing in my books, on walls, my toys, well quite a lot really!" She remembers copying pictures from The Beano and various children's books with her sister who is also really good at drawing. Art was always the class she most enjoyed at school and "When I found out I could do a degree in illustration I was very happy!" Keeki went on to study Illustration at Portsmouth University. Her artwork generally tells a story and usually accompanies some form of narrative. Keeki's collections are full of adorable characters and quirky creatures, "a slight change in details make them all individuals with their own little story to tell!" She starts her prints with research and sketches and uses a variety of ink, watercolour and computer aided design to colour them. Keeki finds inspiration reading, watching films, visiting galleries, travelling and scanning the internet. She admires Japanese artists such as Aya Takano, Yoshitomo Nara, the Hiropon Factory and Junko Mizuno as well as illustrators Aubrey Beardsley and Edmund Dulac.Keeki's illustrations have been published in numerous publications including GQ, Anorak, Amelie, Just 17, Stylist, Marie Claire and Women's Health magazines. Her artwork has also been commissioned by Hallmark cardsRead our editorial featuring Keeki: Keeki: Artist Interview

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Pipe smoking Lion By Keeki
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