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Pixel Artist Biography

Pixel is a South African graphic artist now based in London. He creates bold contemporary art prints exploring culture, colour and character with plenty of humour and originality.Pixel was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. In an interview with artrepublic, Pixel explained, "we were pretty isolated from international culture, but my mother worked as a graphic designer and was a great artist, so I was always exposed to art and encouraged to create throughout my childhood. His mum still has the first illustrated book of dragon stories he wrote when he was 8 years old. Pixel started sketching superheroes as a child and was sure that he was going to become a world famous comic artist by 18. As this didn't happen, he attended the Design Center in Johannesburg and graduated in 2004. His degree specialised in graphic design and focused on easy, approachable pure design. Although, he wishes he'd had more of an opportunity to explore his own personal style. After a phase doing a 'real job', Pixel started an independent gallery with a friend in 2010 (in the city he grew up in, in South Africa). The space served as a studio and gallery for their own work. Pixel describes the space as "my first conscious step to pursue art as a career." He's been building the momentum ever since, spending a year in the creative Italian city Milan and now living in the major art capital, London. Pixel's always playing with ideas, often based on words or a play on words. When something sticks he'll recreate the shapes and compositions digitally, "then I'll figure out my colour palette, choose my stock and setup for screens. He enjoys exploring different mediums, working with a combination of matte and gloss materials. Pixel's memorable contemporary art prints have explored the omnipotence of American culture, the identities of iconic characters and figures, the motifs of Mexican culture and wrestling. He's inspired by his childhood fascination with comic book misfits, wings, the countryside, and music, amongst other things.Read our editorial featuring Pixel: Pixel: Artist Interview.

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