Adam McNaught-Davis creates beautiful silkscreen prints featuring iconic natural landmarks from the South coast and South Downs. Stretching shorelines, infamous white cliffs, ancient chalk figures, and meandering rivers all feature in his contemporary British landscapes. His simple, fresh and graphic aesthetic captures the timeless elegance of the scenery perfectly. Adam McNaught-Davis trained as a journalist. He became a graphics specialist and now creates visual content for brands and businesses involved in social media. His work in marketing, design and graphics influences his art, which he hopes to spend more time working on. He combines his skills in graphics and photography (he is a keen amateur photographer) to tell simple stories and provide a sense of wonder at the majesty of landscapes. McNaught-Davis likes to tell simple, compelling stories in his striking artwork, "I love clarity, the simplicity of a powerful single message, the idea that I don't need to tell you all the story, I just need to tell you the headline and perhaps that will be enough to compel you to seek out the rest yourself, after all, there's nothing like actually being there," McNaught-Davis explains. Adam McNaught-Davis is inspired by the landscapes of the South Downs and panoramas of the South coast, like many artists before him, such as Eric Ravilious and Paul Nash. He explores this beautiful British scenery on his bike or walking with his whippet dog. "I go up to the Downs often. Every time I wonder why there isn't a queue," ponders McNaught-Davis.

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