Magda Archer Artist Biography

British artist and illustrator Magda Archer creates vibrant paintings inspired by her eccentric collection of paraphernalia. Her distinctive retro imagery straddles a Surreal-Pop kitsch sensibility. In 2012 her painting "My Life is Crap" was used by Comme de Garcons in a major international advertising campaign. Magda Archer grew up in a minimalist, modern house with designer parents who enjoyed calm spaces. Perhaps rebelling from her parent's stark taste, Magda embarked on an art career bursting with colour, embellishment and visual humour. Her first degree was in Graphic Design at the Chelsea School of Art. From there she went on to do a Masters degree at the Chelsea College of Art. In 1996, Magda produced artwork for "The Beatles Anthology" with Peter Quinnell. In the same year, Magda married the British comedian Harry Hill , with whom she now has three daughters. Since then she has co-written and illustrated the "Harry Hill Fun Book". The artwork she produced for the "Harry Hill Fun Book" was featured in the Tate Exhibition "Peter Blake: About Collage". Magda has also written and illustrated a children's book, "Watch Out Arthur!", published by Harper Collins. Much of Magda's artwork takes reference from British pop culture, "I suppose most of my driving forces are language and expressions. And lyrics, I'm obsessed with lyrics". Typeface features heavily in her paintings, from tongue-in-cheek phrases to song lyrics. "I am particularly fond of nostalgic typefaces and I really enjoy the process of painting them," explain Magda in an interview.Her method of painting is painstaking, "I like to concentrate so hard my eyes are watering". As well as painting she also creates collages. Both of her processes are inspired by the artists she admires, including the Pop masters Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, David Shrigley and Eduardo Paolozzi.ᅠMagda describes her studio as a junk shop. The magical grotto-like space is the embodiment of her bright and kitsch artwork; full of scrapbooks, vintage toys, Pez dispensers and "Peanuts" memorabilia. Discussing her vast collection of paraphernalia in an interview, Magda pondered, "Maybe I am trying to create my own comforting nostalgic world that reminds me of a very happy childhood and some lovely friends; who knows?" Magda Archer has participated in several acclaimed group exhibitions, including "Kiss of a Lifetime" at Vane, Newcastle in 2009 and in "London Calling" in London in 2010. Her first solo show, "Crazy Mad", was at the Cornerhouse, Manchester, in 2011. Read our editorial featuring Magda Archer:Meet New Artist Magda Archer.

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