David Ross Artist Biography

Photographer David Ross is best known for capturing a fresh-faced Kate Moss on her first ever photo shoot. His beautiful monochrome images of the supermodel have brought him international recognition, cementing his reputation for producing Hollywood-style portraits with refined skin. David Ross is from St John's Wood in North London. He describes himself as an actor, photographer and director. He has spent many years working in the music business, managing artists and producing records, but he is best known for his photography. Ross is from a family of photographers and he learnt his trade the old fashioned way; in the dark room, using plate cameras and retouching by hand. He prefers to use film because of its incidental grain and tonal range. He also likes being left with a physical negative containing and recording those moments in history. Arguably Ross' defining moment in history was when, as a young photographer (just 22 years-old), he was hired to produce Kate Moss' first professional photo shoot. The session was on Wednesday, October 26th, 1988. It was set up by Sarah Doukas, a contact of Ross' who had recently set up her own modelling agency, Storm. Ross was branching out into the hopefully more lucrative field of fashion, and Sarah needed test shots to tout to advertising agencies and editors. The photographs David Ross produced of a 14 year-old Kate Moss are now a wonderful piece of history, capturing the innocence and freshness of a face that went on to define a generation. His shots of the global icon were exhibited for the first time at our sister gallery, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, in their acclaimed exhibition, "Kate Moss: Roll 1". The show attracted major international media attention from the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Telegraph and the BBC. Ever since his infamous Kate Moss shoot, David Ross has enjoyed interviewing his subjects as he shoots them; bringing forth the depth and beauty in their character. Allowing for their personalities to shine through, he describes his process as "magic". David Ross has taught at Westminster College, London, and held workshops on portraiture at Westminster University. With over twenty five years experience, his most prestigious clients include Vogue, British Airways and Saatchi andSaatchi."I would say my hallmark is capturing the character and personality, be it in the studio, on stage, on set or in some fairly interesting location around the globe"

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