John Constable Artist Biography

John Constable is best known for is idyllic images of the English countryside, and in particular his painting The Hay Wain. His paintings of his home county of Suffolk draw hundreds of visitors every year to come and see the landscape that inspired him. As a painter Constable was fascinated with capturing the ever changing weather conditions and effects of light over the countryside around him. He drew his early inspiration from Gainsborough but eventually abandoned the picturesque style in favour for more realistic representations.John Constable was born in East Bergholt Suffolk in 1776. He moved to London in 1769 on an apprenticeship. By 1799 he had joined the Royal Academy and began his long artistic career. He travelled throughout England painting in both watercolours and oils and was made a Royal Academician in 1829. Constable died in 1837 having established him self as one of the finest British landscape painters.

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The Leaping Horse By John Constable
The Haywain By John Constable
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