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Legendary music photographer Shelia Rock worked at the iconic publication ムThe Faceメ and her photographs have become pivotal in recording the powerful cultural impact punk had on British society in the late seventies.Born in America, Shelia Rock always had an interested in the arts and photography. She inherited a Nikkormat 35mm camera in her late teens, モI photographed anything and everything then.ヤ She was a student at Boston University and subsequently at the London Film School. She has lived and worked in London since she arrived in 1970.Sheila Rock was first introduced to the world of music and photography through her ex husband, Mick Rock, who is also a well known rock photographer. She attended the David Bowie tour with him, all through America at the time when Bowie was Ziggy Stardust.In an interview she explain, モI wasnメt photographing on the tour but I was introduced to so many amazing people as you can imagine, Iggy and Lou Reed and all that New York crowd.ヤWhen Sheila Rock moved to London, she soon found that this crowd of amazing people had moved there too, モIメve always seemed to be at the right place at the right time. Iメve drifted along and have had some amazing experiences.ヤ She could see that something exciting was happening in Chelsea, "There was a different way of thinking and being. It was provocative." Rock became friendly with the likes of Don Letts, John Harwood and Jon Savage, moving seamlessly through the Punk scene. She claims, モI was a young person interested in photography but had no real expertise. I just photographed what was around me.ヤIn another case of being in the right place at the right time, Sheila Rock met Nick Logan and Neville Brody before the genesis of cult music magazine ムThe Faceメ.She credits Nick Logan, who became the creative editor, for giving her the crucial chance to become a professional photographer. Consequently, Sheila became an influential force in shaping the look of creative magazines like ムThe Faceメ and those that followed.ᅠHer successful career developed to cover a wide spectrum; photographing for the entertainment and music industry, West End theatre, the Royal Opera House, advertising and design agenciesand periodicals. Her editorial portrait and fashion photographs have appeared in numerous magazines, including Time Magazine, Elle, Rolling Stone and the Sunday Times. Sheila Rock has published acclaimed books of her photographic collections and has had numerous accompanying exhibitions in London, Italy, New York and Rotterdam. A number of her portraits are in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London. A selection of her photographs was also included in the major Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition ムPunk Chaos to Couture.メモRock is an American photographer who has been based in Britain since 1970, and perhaps this remove is why her fly-on-the-wall images of the ignition of the London punk scene in the mid-70s, and its subsequent flaring across the rest of the country, are so beautifully raw and utterly compelling.ヤ (Vogue )

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