Dylan Floyd Artist Biography

Dylan Floyd is a self-taught artist who started his career painting on street walls at the dead of night. From the street to the studio, Floyd is now creating unique mixed media originals and superb giclee limited editions inspired by graphic novels, religious icons, children's stories, animals and patterns. As a boy, Dylan Floyd was into comics, graffiti and Leonardo da Vinci. He went to Portsmouth University where he achieved a B.A. Hons in Film Production. However, it was his self taught passion for art that soon became his vocation. He now creates original and limited edition prints from the comfort of a small studio by the sea in Hove, "from where he now produces his work and drinks very strong coffee". From street art pieces to mix media creations, Floyd works in a variety of mediums, including chalk pastels, spray paint, acrylics, collage and gold leaf. His influences are as wide ranging and multifaceted as his art. Floyd lists graphic novels, totem, disused buildings and Greek myths among his many inspirations. His favourite artist is the French Impressionist Edgar Degas and heメs a big fan of Japanese prints. Animals and patterns feature heavily in Dylan Floyd's inventive imagery, which has included memorable mutant creatures such as "Pitbunny". He cleverly balances abstract pattern with figurative detail to create amusing, intriguing and compelling contemporary art. Read our editorial featuring Dylan Floyd: Dylan Floyd: Artist Interview

More art prints from Dylan Floyd

Nicobar Jaguar By Dylan Floyd
Griffin Kitten By Dylan Floyd
Night Rhino By Dylan Floyd
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