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Dennis Morris Artist Biography

Dennis Morris has done it all, from touring with Bob Marley, meeting the Stone Roses and taking the first official pictures of The Sex Pistols, to becoming the lead singer for Basement 5. With a career spanning more than 20 years and a CV that reads like a Whoメs Who of popular music, Dennis Morris continues to photograph the leading musicians of the time. Dennis Morris was born in Jamaica in 1959 and moved to Hackney at the age of four. His passion for photography started from a very young age, when he became a camera fanatic at 8 years old. He was a member of a photographic club in the East-End of London and became known locally as Mad Dennis, due to his preference for photography over football. At eleven, Morris had his first image published in the Daily Mail. His hobby of photographing community events like christenings, church services and birthday parties quickly evolved into a professional pursuit when, at 14 years old, Bob Marley asked him to photograph his UK tour. Morris spent his teenage years as the official photographer for Bob Marley on tour. モHe gave me the confidence to pursue my career and to forge my identity. I can sum him up as being pure magic, electric; he truly was the messenger for the people,ヤ Morris said of MarleyAt the age of 18, Dennis Morris had one of his images used on the cover of ムNMEメ for the first time. Forging a career as a music photographer, he bonded with John Lydon over their love of reggae and met the Sex Pistols. Still in his teens, Dennis was the same age as the Pistols and they soon learned to trust him completely, allowing him unrestricted access to their strange and chaotic existence. Morrisメ work with the band in their mid-70s heyday established, not only their public image, but Morrisメ position as one of the most exciting photographers in the countrySubsequently Dennis Morris became a floating member of Lydonメs post-Pistols group, ムPublic Image Ltdメ, designing their logo. He was instrumental in creating the seminal P.i.L sleeves, logo and metal box. He has also photographed The Prodigy, Oasis, and Bush. Morrisメ iconic images of musicians have appeared in ムRolling Stoneメ, ムPeopleメ and ムThe Sunday Timesメ, as well as in books such as ムBob Marley: A Rebel Lifeメ and ムDestroy: Sex Pistols 1977メ.Alongside his photographic work in the music business, he has created several acclaimed series about London, including ムGrowing Up Blackメ, which featured in the Vand Aメs project ムStaying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience 1950s-1990sメ. He has held exhibitions of his work in the UK, Japan and Canada and recently worked with The Metropolitan Museum of Art on a major exhibition ムPUNK: Chaos to Coutureメ.Read our editorial featuring Dennis Morris

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SiD - Yellow By Dennis Morris
SiD - Orange By Dennis Morris
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