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Gemma Compton Artist Biography

Bristol based artist, illustrator and fashion designer Gemma Compton combines classic wildlife imagery with perfectly painted celebrities and a strong illustrative style, making her one of the most distinctive and technically talented painters in a new generation of British artists. Gemma Compton was born in 1983 in the sleepy town of Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Her childhood in the English countryside has informed her artwork every since, "growing up in a small Cotswold town installed a cohabitation with nature that has never really left me". In 2008 Compton graduated from University of West England with a First Class (Hons) degree in Fashion Illustration. This academic background has given Compton a traditional painter's dexterity and illustrator's eye. She is an incredibly talented draftsman who finds no need for photoshop jiggery or stencils, just pencils, paint and paper. She works mainly in acrylic on canvas is also known for having created some stunning street art pieces. Her work draws influence from popular culture, the natural world and religious iconography. Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Kate Middleton have featured amongst her subjects. Nature is a major theme in Compton's art. She is particular drawn to the beauty of birds, "Now living and working as an artist in a metropolitan cityscape, I am fascinated by the adaptation of nature within our urban landscapes especially ornithology". Gemma Compton has been exhibiting throughout the UK and internationally since 2008. She worked with her husband, street artist Copyright, on a brilliant series of collaborative works titled "Union". The artistic project was a celebration of their forthcoming marriage and the unique collection fused their distinctive styles, showcasing each artist's unique portraiture styling. "Not only is Gemma a lovely person, she's one of the best freehand sketchers around, both creatively and technically. She can draw up amazing emotion with energetic brush strokes or photorealism and beauty of soft yet intense detail. An amazing drafts woman, illustrator and creative talent". (Copyright)View all editorial featuring Gemma Compton: Copyright andGemma Compton: Mr andMrs InterviewDrawn Together: Artists in Love

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