Jasper Johns Artist Biography

Jasper Johns is one of most significant and influential American painters of the twentieth century. His works from the 1950's invented a new art style and helped the evolution of a number of subsequent art movements, including Pop, Minimal, and Conceptual art.The American flag is one of Jasper Johns best known subjects and he produced many variations of it as well as other commonplace two-dimensional objects such as targets, numbers and maps. Similarly, his sculpture work depicted banal everyday objects such as beer cans and brushes in a coffee tin. These everyday objects in Johns' work raise questions about the relationship between art and reality. Jasper Johns was born in Augusta, Georgia and studied at the University of Southern Carolina before dropping out and moving to New York in 1949. He served two years in the army during the Korean War, stationed in South Carolina and Sendai, Japan. Johns returned to New York in 1953 and became friends with the artist Robert Rauschenberg, the composer John Cage and the choreographer Merce Cunningham. In 1958 Johns exhibited his first one-man show at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York. It was a tremendous success and his reputation was confirmed. Read our editorial featuring Jasper Johns: Drawn Together: Artists in Love

More art prints from Jasper Johns

Flag 1954 by Jasper Johns
Savarin, 1982 By Jasper Johns
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