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Shane O'Driscoll hand pulls striking graphic silkscreen prints which record his travels and paint a unique contemporary picture of the world today. Born in Cork, Ireland, Shane O'Driscoll studied Visual Communications at the Cork Institute of Technology. He graduated in 2009 and is now based in Monsterstuck Studios in Dublin. His prints are fragments of his travels distilled into minimal graphic compositions. His wide-spread ramblings have sent him throughout the world and his artwork serves as a compelling and personal memento of each destination. Hand-pulled silkscreen prints are Shane O'Driscoll's medium. He began screen printing in his final year at college, "I got sick and tired of spending my days in front of a computer and wanted to get hands on mixing inks and going back to basics in a sense". He kept going and now exerts his full creative control creating impressive hand-pulled prints. He often stitches paper panels to his work to give more depth and build the ties between himself and the print. In 2008, O'Driscoll set up ム"For the Love Of" (FTLO) with fellow graphic designer Ivor Noyek. "For the Love Of" is a platform for both emerging and established Irish creative talents, showcasing their work together in an accessible and contemporary environment. As a director, O'Driscoll has curated exhibitions for Design Week Ireland and PhotoIreland Festival. It has been reported that FTLO "have made a line in the sand for new and independent artists in Ireland to cross over and make something of themselves by dedication alone". Shane O'Driscoll's own work has featured at various music and design festivals throughout Ireland. His exhibitions have included Design Week Ireland 2008 and 2011, "As Seen on the Radio" at Mill St. Studios, Dublin, and "Cover Artists Anniversary Exhibition" for "Le Cool" magazine. His work has also been exhibited internationally, in New York, Argentina and further afield. Read our editorial featuring Shane O'Driscoll: Shane O'Driscoll at Cork Printmakers

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