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Rob Wass Artist Biography

Rob Wass, previously known as DATA, lives and works in London. His vibrant work often fuses nature, architecture and geometry. Wass' heavy use of black in his images and contrasting pockets of colour create subtle optical illusions that make his work come to life.Rob Wass loves making art, playing with new ideas, developing techniques, and generally 'just making a mess and having a laugh'. He has been described as 'an exceptionally gifted artisan' because of his skilful ability to mesh screen printing with secretive, unique, techniques to produce outstanding and highly original art work. Wass likes the art to entertain him whilst he makes it. Sometimes his process is fast, creating explosions of colour and other days he takes much longer to achieve the balance between the delicacy of line, texture and exuberant colour. Rob Wass is also a pioneer of using art for social change, doing an impressive amount of voluntary work for the London homeless community. 'Fundamentally my work is all about control, movement and trickery. I'm interested in making static work appear in motion but at the same time concealing how I have created certain elements. Sometimes these techniques become so complex I can't even work out how I created them in the first place.'

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Jackdaws Black and White By Rob Wass
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Darkside Moth By Rob Wass
Mountain 2 By Rob Wass
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