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Fiasco Artist Biography

Fiasco is a collaboration of two artists and a banker, creating art that comments on the current financial crisis. Their work explores different aspects of the crisis and delivers an insiderメs insight. A fusion of varied backgrounds, skills and influences; the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.ムBlack Swanメ is an expression in the financial world to describe a freak occurrence. Fiasco describe themselves as the モblack swan of the world; an unlikely combination of two artists and a banker.ヤ This collaboration is uniquely placed to offer an insiderメs view of the financial world at a pivotal moment in its history and translate it into iconic images.Their work draws inspiration from pop culture, with references to Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Joy Division and Andy Warhol. It is both humorous and provocative, forcing the onlooker to reflect on the prejudices they may have about the financial sector. Through their pop art they seek to lift the veil on the uncharted motivations, emotions and relationships of this section of society."Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art andナ good business is the best art." (Andy Warhol)Read our editorial featuring Fiasco: Money, Money, Money itメs an Artistメs World

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