Sara Pope Artist Biography

Contemporary artist Sara Pope is best known for her seductive paintings and limited edition prints of big, bright and beautiful celebrity lips. Her bold images of scarlet lips pack a thought provoking pop art punch, raising questions about the ideals of beauty and the transience of celebrity culture. Originally from Stoke on Trent, Sara Pope has a degree in Mathematics from Leeds University and a background in the fashion and magazine industries. Following her Diploma in Fashion Footwear at Cordwainers College (2004-5), she worked as an art director and shoe designer. Pope doesn't have any formal art training and began painting independently in 2009. Beauty, consumerism and the media are major themes in Sara Pope's work. She has said, "I like to explore the banal notions of style and glamour, conformity and non conformity." In her highly original work she cleverly creates powerful paintings using the colours and slickness of advertising, whilst subverting the themes and subjects in a provocative way. Pope's work has been shown at numerous exhibitions and art fairs across London, including at The London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy of Arts and at Deutsche Bank, London. Read our editorial featuring Sara Pope: Sara Pope: Artist Interview

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