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Contemporary artist Rebecca King is interested in our ever-evolving cities, rapid urban transformation and the abundance of experiences and sensations found in modern metropolises. She creates beautiful, colourful prints many of which are cityscapes featuring unusual laser cut detailing. Rebecca King's childhood was infused with a fascinating mixture of experiences from the chaotic hustle and bustle of Nigeria to the brisk Cornish countryside. These encounters spurred her fascination with creating her own cosmopolitan spaces. She went on to study Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton and graduated in 2011. Her work features cascading abstracted shapes and bright colours which are used to represent the intensity and flux of the modern city. Rebecca explains, "While my work focuses on a heightened sensory overload that is experience in a self prescribed exile, what remains is the underlining semblance of rural and traditional iconography, which is integral to the identity of each individual metropolis, yet, it has become entangled within a man made chaos". Rebecca King is constantly documenting her experiences in urban environments and has built a vast collection of imagery, from photos to drawings. She uses both traditional and digital methods of printing and further deconstructs her prints by laser cutting through the paper. The negative elements these laser cuts create are used to represent parts of the city that once existed or to illustrate the continuous reconstruction of the city. King's artwork has been exhibition in London, Bristol, Brighton and Truro, including at Londonメs Multiplied Art Fair and the Notting Hill Mayfest's Emerging Artist Exhibition 2011. In 2011 she was awarded The Gainsborough Prize for Graduate Printmakers and the Nagoya University Degree Show Award.

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