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Chemical X Artist Biography

Chemical X is probably best known for his design of the globally renowned and iconic Ministry of Sound logo, but his inventive work can be found across the spheres of music, fashion, advertising, gaming, and freesports. He has designed logos for the DJ legend Paul Oakenfold, Vans, PlayStation, and MTV, and his clients have ranged from Snoop Dogg to Disney. Since starting out as a contributor to Punch and Private Eye magazines, the art of Chemical X has infiltrated and informed youth and lifestyle culture for more than twenty five years. It is quite likely that you may have some of his creations and not know it! Chemical X has previously worked on art projects with Banksy, Damien Hirst and Jamie Hewlett. His first solo limited edition print series examines our relationship with drugs and drug culture.Using images of MDMA he builds a larger more complex picture. The images created by these detailed, life-sized tablets, can be beautiful and controversial. They challenge the viewer to re-examine their perception of this drug and draw on personal experience to inform their interpretation. Read our editorial featuring Chemical X: artrepublic's Best Birds

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Smiley By Chemical X
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