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Mel Piagesti Artist Biography

Mel is a Brighton based artist who works predominantly in collage and mixed media. In particular she has been making collaged maps from stamps past and present, new and used, some dating back as early as the 1920s. She hopes that when people see her work they are instantly taken back to somewhere or someone and recall great memories of that person or place.Having lived abroad most of her adult life, working with maps seemed a natural thing for Mel to do as travelling has been such a large part of her life. She finds looking at maps intriguing as they can induce feelings of nostalgia for the places you have been or excitement for the places you will discover. Combining stamps with the maps gives her pictures a sense of history and place. The images on the stamps are relevant to each country or region and iconic in their own individual way. Mel hopes her work will give people the sense of belonging and the use of maps and stamps will evoke memories of when and where. For her next collection of work, Mel is working with iconic labels and brands.Combining these famous and easily recognisable images with maps and locations of where they are from (or sold), Mel feels will also give people the sense of belonging and prompt feelings of sentimentality.

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