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The Strange Case Company are 'Makers of Deliciously Deviant Designs'. An artistic duo comprised of Jamie Durrant and Wayne Scott, this company offers a delightful collection of patriotic prints, vintage paraphernalia and retro postal ephemera creations. Jamie Durrant is a self confessed geek. From Norwich, he went to the Norwich School of Art and Design. He had his first taste of computing at the age of 10, with a Sinclair ZX81, and shortly got hooked on Prestel (a precursor to the internet) where he started to design graphics for various groups. As well as being an incredibly successful graphics whizz, Durrant is also a BAFTA award winning designer, having worked in make-up and sculpture for special effects. In 2009 Durrant, joined by RSA award winner Wayne Scott Coley, created The Strange Case Company. According to Durrant, the company specialises in creating unusual artefacts. These unusual artefacts have included a beautiful buffalo skull carved with intricate rococo deigns, a taxidermy raven, an F.M.O.M Wave Disrupter Gun which makes other Rayguns look like inferior stumps, a vintage Magician's Box, and a one-off, disturbing display piece containing 106 Antique German bisque dolls heads and parts. The pair draws inspiration from a variety of sources. They are fascinated by Victorian curiosities, old typeface, and taxidermy. They have created an incredibly successful series of works exploring the current popularity of royalty as a brand. Limited Edition prints Silver Queen, Used Jack Landscape, and Huge Jack, are amongst their sort after art works made from postage stamps. Huge Jack consists of 1425 individual stamps collected from around the United Kingdom, from the coronation to the present day. These patriotic prints demonstrate The Strange Case Company's brilliant ability to put their creative twist on classic imagery.The Strange Case Company have continued to develop their distinctive, nostalgic style with their limited edition prints such as Label Queen. It is a good old Union Jack, this time made up of 136 vintage cassette tapes, the labels of which make up the lyrics to God Save The Queen. The duo have recently be championed by the TV presenter Jonathan Ross. The well-known celeb tweeted his admiration for the silkscreen on acrylic piece All Change. The message of approval was shared with Ross' 3.9M followers on the social media platform and provided some well earned exposure for The Strange Case Company. All Change is an example of the pair pushing the boundaries of print and expanding their practice. The stunning limited edition is constructed of three separate 3mm acrylic sheets. When layered onto of each other the cyan, magenta and yellow coloured coins form the portrait of the Queen. Jonathan Ross clearly has great taste! The Strange Case Company are proving to be the masters of tongue in cheek retro styling; the perfect blend of British patriotism and eccentricity.

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