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Pahnl Artist Biography

British street artist Pahnl hails from Oxford and has been stencilling since 2003. It wasn't until three years later that he got his first piece up on the street. He studied and worked as a graphic designer, which is clear to see in the flawlessly geometric shapes and straight edges of his aesthetic. First and foremost he creates for himself and he believes "any artist seeking sincerity should do the same for themselves". Pahnl is heavily influenced by comics and street signage. He takes familiar imagery and re-composes it, adding his own subversive twist. He is so inspired by Comic art that took his name from the word "panel", as in "comic panel", "You could say I see surfaces and spots in the streets as panels to drop my characters into but I might be romanticizing the process a little too much." He is also inspired by urban spaces, the internet, friends and literature. He has created a miniature stencilled world full of spray paint characters, dogs, cats and birds. He didn't immediately begin with the style that he is known for these days, but the motif of cats and dogs has been present since the start. The small scale of these painted pictographic figures is part of Pahnl's exploration of space, and the result is a brilliant, stencilled civilisation that pops up in the cracks and crevices of our city streets.There is a lot of humour in Pahnl's work, albeit with an undercurrent of pessimism which he identifies as typical of the English psyche. "In the end though, all I want to do is make people smile". An authentic street artist, Pahnl aims to create work that interacts with its urban environment. He enjoys playing with space in the city, and how people (usually unexpectedly) encounter his work, "that's where the beauty of stencils lie. The focus of his "off street" work is about pushing the aesthetic of stencils as far as he can. Not rushing to paint something in a public space affords Pahnl the time to use as many stencil layers as he likes. It also means he can avoid rain, police and CCTV.Pahnl is not an impulsive painter. Being able to refine a design on the computer, meticulously cut a stencil, and then paint sometimes numerous layers appeals to him. He is interested in developing a technique that will allow him to paint more impulsively, but he remains committed to the stencil as his artistic medium. Pahnl has exhibited across the UK, Europe, the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Canada, including at "Street Art Contemporary Prints from the Vand A" (England), "Bogota Stencil Art Festival" (Columbia), "Vinyl Killers" (United States), and "Melbourne Stencil Festival" (Australia).

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