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Contemporary artist Boon has been drawing and painting all of his life. Encouraged to be creative by his parents, he still has an oil painting he did when he was seven years old. Eight years ago he moved to London with his paint brushes and picked up a spray can just as the urban art scene began to grow. The self taught artist took a few classes at Central Saint Martins College of Art Design to kick-start his creative juices and has continued with his artistic exploits ever since. Charcoal, pencil, acrylics and spray paints are Boon's chosen mediums. His paintings reflect his commitment to sharing textures, contemplative compositions and explosive colours. His bewitching portraits are incredibly dynamic, sometimes beautifully delicate, and always visually intriguing. The main themes of his work are nature and the human form; which are often inter-woven, with floral imagery and organic shapes informing his portraiture. Boon uses the internet a lot for inspiration, "There's so much out there and some mindless browsing always inspires me". He is also inspired by his urban environment, frequently photographing London and drawing in his sketch book. Creative ideas are then developed into compositions with the aid of an old MacBook. As well as Pop art and the urban art scene, Boon has drawn artistic inspiration from artists Connor Harrington, Antony Micallef, Andy Warhol, and Gustav Klimt. His exciting use of bold colour is reminiscent of Warhol's work, whilst the beautiful depth and decorative quality he achieves resonates with Klimt's infamous portraits. Boon has created an incredibly successful superhero collection, depicting Superman and Batman in his expressive style. His Chirpy Diptych print diptych, with his characteristic dynamism and eye for colour, has been widely acclaimed. Now he is working on new ways to create portraits and depict the human figure with bright splashes of colour. Meanwhile collectors of his work are rapidly increasing in number and Boon is enjoying the opportunity to share his creative vision, "the fact that people buy my art so that it becomes part of their lives...in their living room, their bedroom.... it's awesome". Read our editorial featuring Boon: Boon by Popular Request: An Interview with the Artist

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