Ceal Warnants Artist Biography

Ceal Warnants' prints and the books from which they come, are a response to childhood as it seems to exist today. She focuses on how we tend to reminisce about our childhood like a Blyton-esque story which she describes as romanticised and idyllic whilst quickly glossing over the angst and growing pains. Warnants' work involves transforming old into new, weaving sweet with unsavoury. These satiric manipulations are sugar-coated in a classic style to make this, only slightly exaggerated, reality easier to swallow. In 2011 Warnants work appeared in a background shot of short film "Steve", (read our article to find out more), and that year she also exhibited 'Blyters' in July at Jealous Gallery in London. In 2008 she graduated with an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art. The year proved a successful one for Ceal as she was short-listed for such prizes as the Alf Dunn and Conran Foundation, she also won the Tim Mara Prize, the Printmaking Council Award, and the South Square Trust Scholarship. Her popularity seems to have rapidly increased since 2006 after graduating with BA (Hons) in Fine Art Printmaking at Winchester School of Art.Warnants' body of work "Stories for Bedtime" 2006, was seized at an exhibition by Hampshire's Criminal Investigations Department as it was alleged that the artwork had broken several points of the law, including the Obscene Publications Act 1964 and The Indecent Displays Act 1959. The work was later released by the Crown Prosecution Service, without charge.

More art prints from Ceal Warnants

Shotgun Clare (beige) By Ceal Warnants
And What? By Ceal Warnants
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