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Robert Williams Artist Biography

Juxtapoz magazine founder and self-described モconceptual realistヤ painter Robert Williams is regarded as the godfather of the Southern California based Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist art scenes. Robertメs bold use of underground cartoon figuration and contrasting psychedelic colours set a style that was easily distinguishable throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Known as the "artist's artist," in early punk rock art shows held in after-hours clubs, Robert soon pioneered the first break-away art movement in California in the 1920メs. In 2012 Douglas Blake premiered his biographical documentary of Robert Williams: ムMr. Bitchinメ which was a Film feature called モAll the Wrong Artヤ.While he was already a towering figure in the underground comicメs and music scenes, his work reached a new audience when the painting Appetite for Destruction was used as the original cover image for the 1987 Guns Nメ Roses album of the same name.The work was so controversial however it was moved from the cover to the inside.In 1968 Williams linked up with the infamous Zap Comix where he learned to function as an artist outside the walls of conventional art. In the late 1970s he helped organize the Art Boys which was a group of L.A. artists that included Gary Panter, Mike Kelley, Matt Groening, and The Pizz. Robert began his career designing as a commercial artist for custom car builders Kustom Kulture under Ed モBig Daddyヤ Roth in the mid-1960s. Hot rods were was a real passion of his since a young age.Robert L. Williams II was born on March 2, 1943 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father Robert W. owned a sizeable drive-in restaurant in Altlanta called モThe Parkmoreヤ. This held showings of silent movies and cartoons which sparked Williamsメ fascination for Hot Rods and American culture which has now become such iconic imagery associated with him.

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